Deputy Collector's Office
P.O. Box 23
Ashland, MA 01721
Phone: 508.881.3149

Since January 1972, Richard Tartaglia and his staff have been assisting taxpayers and the communities that they
serve with the billing and collection of taxes.

Customer service is something we take great pride in.

You will always be treated with kindness, respect and courtesy...
you may even sense a "smile" right over the phone.

Whether assisting the communities or the taxpayers within the community, we work hard to make sure that you,
the customer, is being cared for.

After working as a Deputy Collector for a few years, Richard recognized the potential for computers in the
industry. He searched for the right hardware and software to make his Deputy collection business more efficient.
The search was not successful. At that point Richard decided to write his own programs. He attended
Framingham State College as a full time student in the Computer Science program. Within two years Richard was
writing programs specifically designed for Deputy Collections. He continues to improve on those programs today.

Many years ago Richard worked with Wendy Clement of Dedham to design the computerized weekly return that
many communities use to this day.

For many years Jack Fitzgibbons of Randolph used Richard's reports and methods in his class "What your deputy
can do for you" taught at the fall school in Amherst.

Over the years many firsts in the industry can be credited.

First to receive warrants by computer file from our communities printing his own yellow warrants at no charge.
In the first class to connect directly to the Registry of Motor Vehicles
First to print excise bills for communities at no expense to community.
First to use bulk mailing packages for multiple excise bills to the same company.
First to sort and deliver warrants by street and number.
First to put all outstanding excise taxes due on one notice.

We continue to innovate and use new methods in the timely collection of outstanding taxes.
Richard Tartaglia Deputy Collections
Mail payments to: P.O Box 23, Ashland, MA 01721
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