You may pay on line 24 hours a day or find your total amount due.

Before clicking the link you should know the last four (4) digits of your driver’s license number.
This number is used for security reasons.

If you are looking at older excise taxes your driver's license number may have been
your social security number.
If you are looking for a business the license number is "0000" ( 4 zeros)

There are three (3) options to find what you owe.


1.        You can use your full name. It must be EXACTLY as it appears on your bill along with
the last four digits of your driver’s license number.
Click the search button.


2.        The tax year and bill number from your bill and the last four of your driver’s license
number. The tax year and bill number are the last two digits of the year and six digits of your
bill number. If the bill number is only 3 digits it MUST be padded with zeros to the left of the
number. For 2010 bill number 56 enter 10000056.      
Click the search button


3.        You may use the license plate number for your vehicle and the last four digits of your
driver’s license.
Click the search button.

All taxes in your name will be listed and a total due along with a 3.9% convenience charge.
The total MUST be paid. You may not pay less than the total using this method of payment. If
you are marked for non-renewal at the Registry of Motor Vehicles you will be cleared
electronically. If your payment was made during normal business hours you will be cleared
immediately. If payment was made after hours your clear will be made the next business


 You may pay by phone for an immediate Registry Clear

You may call the office (508.881.3149) during normal business hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm
and use a credit card to get immediately cleared from the Registry. We will clear you within five
minutes of your credit card payment. There is a 3.9% credit card charge and a $11.00 fee using
this method.